Best Operative Zane Builds – UPDATED 2020 – Borderlands 3

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Who Is Zane?

Zane Flynt is an operative class character and the tech expert in Borderlands 3. He is the brother of the bandit’s Baron Flynt and Captain Flynt. The action skills of Zane are centered on gadgets and technology. This character is the most versatile among the four characters of Borderland 3.

Zane can equip dual-action skills at a single time. Activating Zane with this skill, replaces his abilities to work with grenades. His neverending action skills and damaging power can easily defeat even the best. This operative character can unleash drones that can shoot down enemies with a machine gun.

Skill Tree

If you want to have a groundbreaking character, you need to understand their skills. All characters in Borderlands 3 have three skills that are unique to them. Zane’s skill tree comprises of the Digi-clone skill, SNTNL action skill, and the barrier skill.

What are Zane’s skills?

  • Barrier – Deploys a barrier that shields him from incoming projectiles. Zane and his allies, on the other hand, can shoot through the shield. This skill can last for 9 seconds and has 18 seconds to cool down.
  • SNTNL – Sends a drone equipped with a machine gun to launch an attack. Lasts 24 seconds, and cool down time of 36 seconds.
  • Digi Clone – Spawns a clone of himself to distract the enemy. The clone does not move, but it can cause a huge distraction as Zane can swap places with the clone. This skill has duration of 18 seconds and 26 seconds of cool down time. 

The Double Agent Or Digi-Clone Skill

Zane is the master of misdirection with his ability to equip two action skills at once. With time and effort, you can understand to amplify the benefits of this action skill. The action skill allows the players to have a tricky and clever set up for the enemies.

Using Digi-clone disables Zane from tossing grenades. To compensate for the grenade, you can use duct tape mod and fractal frags to destroy and burn down the enemies. For any of Zane’s build, synchronicity is a skill you must adapt to. 

Using a quick breather will help Zane to survive when he is swapping places with Digi-clone. Enhance can cause your Digi-clone to use three grenades, which results in a greater impact. Lastly, with double-barrel, you can Digi-clone a copy of Zane’s current weapon.

The Undercover Or Barrier Action Skill

To keep your team safe, it is best to use the barrier action skill. The skill lets the players deploy a shield that blocks all enemy fires. This further boosts the gun damage of all the team players. The action skill turns Zane into a mobile bulwark.

One of the key undercover skills is distributed denial. It provides you and your allies with a shield mod and ensures your protection. The barrier skill will get more strong and impactful as you progress down this tree.

 With barrier skills, your character will become more effective at saving and ending lives. The undercover skill increases the movement speed and fire rates for the Vault Hunters, who touch it. 

The Hitman Or SNTNL Skill

The hitman action skills will enhance your character with substantial powers to destroy the enemy. With SNTNL, you can unleash a hovering drone that targets your enemies with a machine gun. This action skill is very useful since it is accompanied by perks like Kill Skill.

Some crucial skills your character needs to be adept at is Salvation, Death Follows Close, and Seein’ Red. The hitman skill tree enables Zane with faster firing rates and racks up a ridiculous blood count.

Zane Character

1.    Digi-clone & SNTNL Build

The primary skill-tree in this build is a double agent. This build is great as it focuses on sustained high gun damage. The mix of Digi-clone and SNTNL is the uber-high damage route for all newcomers as well as skillful players. However, it misses out on the tankiness of the barrier or the undercover skill tree.

Digi-clone and SNTNL is a very powerful strategy for anyone who wishes to play offensive. The violent speed and violent momentum are both great early skill pickups and heavily impactful on enemies. With this build, the player should focus on synchronicity as it is vital for this build. You should not overlook the passive abilities of this build as it is used in several ways to take out the enemies.

You will be able to push through the Digi-clone by maximizing the Donnybrook. Your ultimate target should be reaching Supersonic Man, Trick of the Light, and the final Capstone. Zane attains a prolonged skill duration for every action skill with Digi-clone.

To maximize the impact of this, build invest in skills like Digital Distribution, Doppelbanger, Schadenfreude, Binary System, etc.  Since Digi-clone enhances the capacity of weapons, it is best to employ assault rifles and guns whenever possible. Don’t distract yourself from class mods as it can be very useful here. 

As far as the hitman skill tree is concerned, pickup skills like ‘Death Follows Close’ and ‘Drone Delivery.’ These skills indirectly increase your potential damage. It is recommended that you invest your final points into Playing dirty.

 If you want to create a ruckus and involve in great bloodshed, the drone is a perfect choice. Zane can command the drone to attack specific enemies. It is better to have more than a single element of damage source. The cryo weapons and radiations are the cards that will steer you ahead in the attack.

The hitman skills include a Bad Dose that hits out a beam of radiation that weakens the enemies. The build is impactful as the amalgamation of the hitman and double agents augments Zane’s abilities. With the drone, you can finish your enemies by freezing them or irradiating them.

2.    Barrier & Digi-Clone Build

This build uses a mix of a double agent and undercover skills to uplift your game. This build increases your survivability chances in the game. If you feel the need for a tankier Zane, this build is perfect for you. Choosing this build makes Zane feel invulnerable as he has access to maximum offensive and defensive powers. 

Spending on undercover assures that you are safe from whatever the enemies throw at you. At the same time, the Digi-clone can attack your enemies at its maximum capability. This is one of the best builds as it creates maximum damage with a minimum threat to survival.

It is recommended to use gears such as a Red Suit, Generator Tran-Fusion, Atom Balm Victory Rush. The Cold-Warrior and Trick of the Light are also useful skills for this build. This aim of this build is to create a deterrence field augments that will protect the Digi-clone.

The Digi-clone will grab the attention of your aggressive enemies while you can freeze them with cool, calm, collected skills. You need to try combinations of skills that will create maximum impact and bring the least damage to your character. The best skill to put here is a cold warrior to Trick of the Light.

Maintain a synchronicity level of 3-5, and that will be sufficient for survival. The hearty stock is highly suggested because it yields more shield points and a quick cooldown. Alternatively, investing points on distributed denial and pairing it with a red suit will be ideal.

Try to utilize all the skills of the barrier to protect you and your clone. Using this build will help you to increase the impact of your weapons. Between attacks, don’t forget to use Quick Breather as it will recharge the character.

If you select this build, there is nothing that can topple you over. Your goal should be to use Digi-clone to attack your enemies and protect you and your team with the barrier. Throw out the necessary action skills at the right moment, and your shield will never go down below half.

3.    SNTNL & Barrier Build

The undercover or the barrier build is one of the most underestimated among the skill tree. If you believe in playing just offensively, you will never survive. For survival, it is important to save Zane from major attacks. This build uses a combination of hitman and undercover to balance your DPS and survivability.

This build is versatile and much more flexible than the other two builds. Through the hitman tree skills, you have the best-attacking ammunitions and powers by your side. The additional support of the undercover is more than just a shield. This build sounds unusual, but it will give Zane an edge in all attacks.

The barrier has you covered, and you can duck in and out of danger while causing great mayhem and chaos. You should always aim to fill both available slots with the best action skills. Just like in other builds, passive skills are also important to defeat the enemy. The SNTNL allows you to summon a drone, which is an aggressive take on the enemies. The kill skills are useful, but you need to be experienced to fully utilize them.

First and foremost, you should invest in Hearty Stock, Adrenaline, Confident Competence, and Stiff Upper lip. These skills have high shielding levels, higher gun impact, accuracy, and great resistance to damage. I recommend that the barrier, which is defensive, should also be backed up and be a part of your build.

Choosing the skills listed above will unlock All-Rounder and Nanites Or Some Shite. After this mindful setup, you can rely upon the Hitman to do the rest. The combination of passive skills, such as Violent Speed and Violent Momentum, never fails. The combination gives more space to remain highly mobile and, at the same time, be protected. 

With all these skills, you will benefit instantly, and the skills will kick-start your game. You must upgrade your skills while you continue to play. Once you adopt this build, Zane will be more powerful, efficient and will be able to adapt to any play styles.

Best Weapons For Zane

The build plays an important role in the success of your game, but without the essential weapons, all will fall. There are plenty of weapons that come with a unique purpose, but there are a few that suit Zane the best. The monarch will be a great addition to your range of assault rifles.

Another amazing rifle is the Soulrender. The Soulrender unleashes skulls to track the enemy and can even hit crit spots. The Band Of Sitorak is a shield that correctly pairs up with Zane. This shield aids abilities like Nerves Of Steel, Adrenaline, and Confident Competence.

If you are a fan of using the class mod, you should know about the Antifreeze. This class mod will amplify Zane’s speed. Additionally, it will offer bonus points to the Violent Momentum skill, allowing Zane to fly around even faster than Amara.

If your build involves Digi-clone, you should have a look at Its Piss. This is a grenade, and it magnifies the amount of damage done to the enemies. If this gear is paired with the clone, it can release grenades all across the battlefield. The combination is extraordinary and extremely useful for targeting enemies.

Final Verdict

Some builds work exceptionally well, as the execution and planning behind them are very thoughtful. These are just like templates and combinations for Zane’s build. Whichever build you choose, remember to attack as well as defend yourself. You can always try with new combinations and come out with exceptional builds of your own.

Choose a build that aligns with your playing style and brings out the best in your Vault Hunter. The build is most important, but with the best gears on your side, attacking will be better than ever. Once you have chosen the build and equipment, it’s time you bring real doomsday for your enemies.