Best Moze builds Level 1 to 72 Mayhem 11 – Borderlands 3

Moze the Gunner

Moze the Gunner is one of Borderlands 3’s four vault hunters and an incredibly powerful character with plenty to offer. Her primary weapon and Action Skill is Iron Bear, a massive bipedal mech that can fire various weapons such as railguns, miniguns, and flamethrowers, giving her multiple options when fighting on the field.

To create the perfect Gunner build in Borderlands 3, players should seek out a skill combination that complements their playstyle and desired weapons. Moze’s four action skill trees – Bottomless Mags, Shield of Retribution, Demolition Woman, and Bear Mother – provide a wide range of options for players to experiment with.

We’ve put together a guide with the best Moze builds in Borderlands 3 from level 1 to 72. There are entry-level builds, mid-game builds as well as end-game builds to help you unleash havoc in the game. 

Moze Borderlands 3

A brief presentation of Moze

Former Vladof soldier turned Vault Hunter, Moserah Hayussinian Yan-Lun al-Amir Andreyevna (better known as “Moze”) is a highly skilled gunner who can summon a large mech called Iron Bear in Borderlands 3

Moze was a Vladof soldier in the Ursa Corps, a mechanized infantry division that used 15-ton “Iron Bear” mechs. She rose to the rank of Gunner First Class and had to fulfill a mission quota to keep her mech. Her superior, Kaziak, manipulated her to stay longer, but she eventually quit after a final mission where her squad perished, and Vladof assumed her death.

In Borderlands 3, Moze is depicted as a muscular woman with short, dark hair and brown eyes. She has several tattoos on her arms, shoulders, and back, including a Vladof logo on her left bicep. Moze wears a red and black Vladof military uniform with heavy armor plates and a helmet that conceals her face.

She is a versatile character who can summon Iron Bear, a customizable weapon that enables her to adapt to different combat situations, whether solo or in co-op play. Moze’s style is ideal for players who enjoy both heavy firepower and strategic maneuvering.

Moze Skill Trees Explained

Bottomless Mag Skill Tree: The Bottomless Mags skill tree is an effective way to increase DPS while guaranteeing Moze never runs out of ammunition during battle. It offers a range of ways to keep shooting and refilling the weapon’s clip. Additionally, it increases the size of your weapon clips, allowing you to fire weapons for longer.

Bottomless Mag Skill Tree

Bottomless Mags Skill Tree Moze

Cloud of Lead: This skill allows your and Iron Bear’s gunshots to deal extra Damage without needing ammo. 

Dakka Bear: This skill adds a manned turret to the back of the Iron Bear. 

Matched Set: This skill increases your magazine size for each piece of equipped gear that matches the weapon manufacturer.

Stoke the Embers: It increases your and Iron Bear’s Fire Damage. 

Redistribution: Scoring a critical hit increases Health and Ammo Regeneration. 

Scrappy: With this skill, when you move, it increases Handling, Gun Damage, Weapon Swap Speed, and Mode Switch Speed. 

Rushin’ Offensive: You can sprint and shoot at the same time and also gain Lifesteal. 

Scorching RMPs: This skill increases your Fire Rate, Critical Damage, and Skill Damage. The benefits double for Iron Bear. 

The Iron Bank: This skill increases your Magazine Size. 

Specialist Bear: When you equip Iron Bear with duplicate Weapons, the Damage increases. 

Some for the Road: When Action Skill ends, you get Infinite Ammo for a short time. 

Click, Click…: This skill increases your Gun Damage. The lesser Ammo and hotter weapon increase the Bonus.  

Forge: You get passive Ammo Regeneration with this skill. 

Demolition Woman Skill Tree: this skill tree specializes in massive splash damage and grenade spam by increase sing the size and damage output for Iron Bear and Moze. There are also skills that increase Moze’s longevity and fuel capacity for Iron Bear. With this skill tree, you can also make Iron Bear work autonomously as a sentry turret. 

Demolition Woman Skill Tree

Demolition Woman Skill Tree Moze

Fire in the Skag Den: With this skill, your Area Damage also deals extra Fire Skill Damage. 

Deadlines: Iron Bear’s weapons will drain lesser fuel, and killing an enemy will refuel Iron Bear. 

Grizzled: When you kill an enemy, it reduces your Skill Cooldown.

Means of Destruction: It grants you the ability to regenerate ammo whenever you deal splash damage, whether from a grenade or critical hit.

Torgue Cross-Promotion: It gives all splash damage you deal the opportunity to double in size. 

Stainless Steel Bear: This skill extends the longevity of your Iron Bear Mech and uses less fuel when activated. 

Pull the Holy Pin: It grants you the power to score critical hits with grenades, dealing significantly increased damage. 

Auto Bear: When you exit Iron Bear, it remains deployed and fights alongside you. 

Vampyr:  This skill replenishes your health for each enemy you damage with a thrown grenade. 

Why Can’t I Carry All These Grenades?: This skill increases your grenade-carrying capacity. 

To the Last: With this skill, you can throw a grenade even when you are in Fight for your Life. 

Explosive Punctuation: When you deal with Area Damage, it increases your Skill Cooldown Rate. 

Short Fuse: You have a chance of triggering a secondary explosion centered on the target whenever you inflict Gun Damage.

Shield of Retribution Skill Tree: The Shield of Retribution skill tree for Moze is designed to offer both risks and rewards. It includes numerous abilities that help you stay in combat, but the closer you get to death, the more damage you can deal.  

Shield of Retribution Skill Tree

Shield of Retribution Skill Tree Moze

Selfless Vengeance: You sacrifice a small portion of her health whenever you reload, but in return, you and your allies’ rounds gain additional Fire Damage for a few seconds.

Security Bear: Iron Bear acquires a bubble shield that minimizes the damage it receives.

Armored Infantry: When your shield is active, you gain increased Gun Damage and Damage Resistance. 

Drowning in Brass: It increases gun damage for you and your allies but reduces the fire rate. 

Thin Red Line: With this skill, a portion of your Health is converted into Maximum Shield. 

Vlad of Ingenuity: This skill increases your Shield Recharge Rate, Maximum Shield, and Shock Resistance. 

Full Can of Whoop-Ass: When you enter Iron Bear, you and your allies’ shields start recharging immediately at an accelerated Shield Recharge Rate.

Experimental Munitions: With this skill, you and your Iron Bear’s Critical Hits deal Bonus Fire Damage. 

Behind in the Iron Curtain: It improves your Shield Recharge Rate and Delay. 

Desperate Measures: This skill increases your Gun Damage. 

Phalanx Doctrine: Each successful kill grants you a stack of Phalanx Doctrine, which increases your maximum shield capacity and gun damage. 

Force Feedback: Critical Kill will restore a portion of your Shield and start Recharge. 

Tenacious Defense: With this skill, when your Shield breaks, a portion is instantly restored, and you get increased Gun Damage. 

Bear Mother Skill Tree: Moze’s Bear Mother skill tree is one of four new skill trees introduced with Designer’s Cut DLC for Borderlands 3. It summons an Iron Cub mini mech that follows Moze around and shoots enemies with whatever weapons she has equipped in her second Action Skill slot. 

Bear Mother Skill Tree

Bear Mother Skill Tree Moze

Biofuel: This skill grants you and Iron Bear the power to regenerate health when setting enemies ablaze. 

Big Surplus: During the cooldown period of your Action Skill, you inflict additional Incendiary Damage.

Really Big Guns: This skill increases Iron Bear’s Damage. 

Double Time: When your Action Skill is active, you and Iron Bear get increased Movement Speed. 

Harmonious Havoc: This skill increases your Gun Damage with Elemental Guns.

Explosive Fury: It increases Iron Bear’s Status Effect Damage and Chances. 

Fired Up: You receive a boost in Fire Rate for a brief duration whenever either you or Iron Bear inflicts a Status Effect on an enemy.

Nitrotrinadium Engines: This skill increases your Skill Cooldown Rate and Maximum Fuel. 

Never Going to Give You Up: Iron Bear’s Fuel increases whenever you or Iron Bear cause a Status Effect on an enemy.

Feature Creep: This skill increases Iron Bear’s Damage and Damage Resistance. 

Limit Break: Whenever you or Iron Bear inflict a Status Effect on an enemy, the Action Skill Cooldown Rate increases.

Superior Firepower: Whenever you or Iron Bear cause a Status Effect on an enemy, you both receive a boost in Status Effect damage.

Running on Fumes: If you or Iron Bear set an enemy on fire, Iron Bear won’t consume any fuel for a brief period.

Moze the Gunner Leveling Build Borderlands 3

We present to you our early-game leveling build guide for Moze the Gunner in Borderlands 3, featuring Iron Bear as the central element. This distinct build is designed to provide you with a seamless leveling experience, along with an abundance of firepower, irrespective of your luck with weapon drops. 

The primary goal of this build is to help players level up to TVHM Mayhem with the help of Iron Bear, providing high damage output and survivability. The best thing about this build is that it offers significant burst and damage output while ensuring safety. Also, it is relatively independent of gear, for the most part. 

In this build, we are going to start with skills like, Grizzled, Deadlines and Stainless Steel Bear, Auto Bear, and Means of Destruction from the Demolition Women skill tree to improve your mech uptime and stay at max power. Apart from that, we are also going to use the Security Bear skill to increase the survivability of Iron Bear and the Cloud of Lead skill to increase ammo economy and damage. 

Follow the leveling guide below to level up your Moze and deal maximum damage with Iron Bear.

Level 0: Start leveling up

Level 0-2: Select V-35 Grenade Launcher action skill. 

Level 2-7: Invest 5 points on Grizzled skill. 

Level 7-12: Invest 5 points on the Stainless Steel Bear skill.

Level 12-15:  Invest 3 points on Deadlines skill. 

Level 15-16: Invest 1 point on the Auto Bear skill. 

Level 16-17: Invest 1 point on the Means of Destruction skill. 

Level 17: Select Lock and Speedload Augment

Level 17-18: Invest 1 point on the Security Bear skill. 

Level 18-20: Invest 2 points on the Means of Destruction skill. 

Level 20-23: Invest 3 points on the Pull the Holy Pin skill. 

Level 23-24: Invest 1 point on To the Last skill.

Level 24-27: Invest 3 points on Explosive Punctuation skills.

Level 27-28: Invest 1 point on the Short Fuse skill.

Level 28-30: Invest 2 points on Cloud of Lead skill. 

At level 30, your Moze skill tree should look like this:

Moze The Gunner
Moze Leveling Build

Best Mid Game builds for Moze the Gunner BL3

If you want to level up Moze the Gunner during the mid-game, we have some amazing builds for you. Here are the two best mid-game level 50 builds for Gunner in Borderlands 3. 

Iron Beast Moze Build

Credit to EpicNNG

The Iron Beast Moze Build in Borderlands 3 is a powerful build that focuses on the Iron Bear Mech, Moze’s action skill. This build is centered on maximizing the damage with Iron Bear Mech while also providing Moze with enough firepower and shield to hold her own in combat.

With this build, you can easily shock massive amounts of enemies whenever you want. It also gives you the necessary skill boost to blow up your opposition on the battlefield. The best thing about this build is that it allows you to deal an insane amount of damage with almost any weapon. If you are more into solo play, this build is perfect for you. While this is not much of a co-op build, you can still use it by adding a few skills from the Bottomless Mags skill tree. 

This build highly focuses on skills from Demolition Woman and Shield of the Retribution skill tree. The main skills that give you an advantage with this build are Stainless Steel Bear, Auto Bear, Pull the Holy Pin, Deadlines, Grizzled, Security Bear, Armored Infantry, Drowning in Brass, and Vladof Ingenuity and Experimental Munitions. These skills will help you to keep your shield up as well as deal massive damage. 

Iron Beast Moze Build

Splash Master Moze Build 

Credit to Joltzdude139

Want to blow up your enemies into small piles of dust? Try the Splash Master Moze build in Borderlands 3. It is a powerful build that focuses on dealing splash damage and maximizing Moze’s damage output. With the right gear, this build can take down even the toughest enemies in the game.

The Splash Master Moze build deals massive amounts of explosive damage, which can quickly take down enemies in solo play. This build also includes skills that increase the damage output and survivability of nearby allies, making it a valuable asset in team play. Overall, it is a versatile build and can be adapted to different playstyles and situations, making it useful for solo and co-op play.

The key skills for this build are in the Demolition Woman and Shield of Retribution skill trees. Some of the most important skills to invest in are Fire in the Skag Den, Means of Destruction, Pull the Holy Pin, Torgue Cross-Promotion, Auto Bear, and Redistribution.

Splash Master Moze Build

Best Moze the Gunner Builds Level 72 Mayhem 11 BL3

As you progress to level 72 in Borderlands 3, it becomes imperative to employ optimal end-game builds for Moze the Gunner. To this end, we present the two most effective level 72 Moze builds, tailored for solo and co-op play.

Mozerker 8.0 Build

Credit to Ki11er Six

The Mozerker 8.0 is one of the most powerful builds in Borderlands 3. This build is focused on maximizing Moze’s damage output and survivability while using her Iron Bear mech suit. It is designed for players who prefer a more aggressive playstyle and is particularly effective for dealing with tough bosses and enemies in the end-game.

The build includes skills that increase the duration and effectiveness of Iron Bear’s abilities, allowing Moze to stay in her mech suit longer and deal more damage. It is a great build for mobbing and deals an insane amount of splash damage on enemies. Using this build, you can take advantage of Moze’s infinite ammo capabilities. It can be used effectively for both solo and co-op play, making it a versatile and valuable asset for any player. 

The key skills used in this build are from Bottomless Mags and Demolition Woman skill trees. Skills like, Fire in the Skag Den, Means of Destruction, Stainless Steel Bear, Auto Bear, Vampyr, To the Last, and Short Fuse help you to increase your damage output in the game. On the other hand, skills like Cloud of Lead, Dakka Bear, Stoke the Embers, and Specialist Bear enhance Iron Bear’s offensive capabilities. 

Mozerker 8.0 Moze Build

Best Gears for Mozerker 8.0 Build

Weapon 1: Moor Fasterfied Tizzy 

Weapon 2: Super Shredifire

Weapon 3: Stark Flipper

Weapon 4: Trained Solurender

Grenade: Recurring Hex

Shield: Re-Volter 

Relic: Maliwan Company Man

MOD: Blast Master

Borderlands 3 Moze the Gunner

Rocketeer Moze Build

Credit to LazyData

The Rocketeer Moze build in Borderlands 3 is focused on maximizing the damage output of Moze’s Iron Bear and synergizing it with certain weapons, particularly rocket launchers. The main focus of this build is to utilize the Rocketeer class mod, making Moze a formidable solo force when using Auto Bear. 

This build is designed for players who prefer a high-risk, high-reward playstyle and can be effective in both solo and co-op play. It is a powerful build offering high damage output, survivability, and versatility. Its focus on Iron Bear mech as well as Moze’s own damage output, make it particularly effective against tough bosses and groups of enemies. On the other hand, its ability to provide support to other players makes it a valuable asset to any team.

This build mainly focuses on Auto Bear skill from the Demolition Woman skill tree. This skill helps you to utilize Iron Bear even when you exit the suit to attack nearby enemies. Other key skills used in this build are Cloud of Lead, Scrappy, Scorching RPMs, Specialist Bear, Means of Destruction, Stainless Steel Bear, To the Last, Vampyr, Short Fuse, Security Bear, Drowning in Brass, and Harmonious Havoc. 

Rocketeer Moze Build

Best Gears for Rocketeer Moze Build

Weapon 1: Free Radical

Weapon 2: Plasma Coil

Weapon 3: Flipper

Weapon 4: Beacon

Grenade: Lightspeed

Shield: Boom Blaster

Relic: Snowdrift/Last Stand Victory Rush

MOD: Rocketeer