Best Maya Builds level 1 to 80 OP10 UPDATED – Borderlands 2

Maya The Siren

May the Siren is undoubtedly the best support character in Borderlands 2. She has many different abilities and skills that put her at the forefront of supporting the whole team.

You will still need an excellent build for Maya to get the best out of her support skills and even make her a damage dealer. This guide gathers some of the best Maya the Siren builds in Borderlands 2. Before that, let’s talk a little about Maya, her playstyle, and her skills.

Maya the Siren

A brief presentation of Maya

When Maya was just an infant, she was regarded as the Siren. Immediately after that, she was handed over to the ruling order of monks, the Order of the Impending Storm, at her home in Athenas. This is where she trained her abilities in secret, and after she reached adulthood, the monks revealed her to be the savior and goddess of the people.

However, she never wanted to be any savior or goddess but instead wanted an adventure. After finding out about the evils of Order of the Impending Storm, she killed Brother Sophis and went to Pandora. After some other events, Maya finally joins the Vault and becomes the only playable character in Borderlands 2 from Borderlands 1.

“Siren here. Nice to meet you all. If anyone tries to capture me, I’ll incinerate their brain.”

Maya is a beautiful looking lady, with many great physical features for a lady. She has blue hair, lips, and tattoos on most of her left arm and lower abdomen. Her original clothes are a mix of white, black, and blue, giving her a unique outlook.

Maya is mostly a healing and supportive character in Borderlands 2, but she can deal decent damage. Her special ability is Phaselock, which allows her to lock foes in another dimension or simply freeze them in a place. This makes her great for crowd control and a great support character. Phaselock does decent damage on bigger foes instead of locking them in another place.

Maya skill trees explained

Maya has three Skill Trees, which all focus on different aspects of her character in Borderland 2. Her Skill Trees are Motion Skills Tree, Harmony Skills Tree, and Cataclysm Skills Tree.

Motion Skill Tree – these skills are about defensive and crowd control abilities.

Harmony Skill Tree – these skills help Maya the Siren have healing abilities.

Cataclysm Skill Tree – lastly, the skills in this tree focus on elemental abilities.

Motion skill tree:

Maya Skill Tree Motion

Ward: Each level increases Sheild Capacity by 5% and decreases Shield Recharge by 8%

Accelerate: Increases Gun Damage by 3% and increases Bullet Speed by 4% per level

Suspension: Per level increases Phaselock duration by 0.5 seconds

Kinetic Reflection: After killing an enemy, Maya deflects bullets to nearby enemies, reducing the Incoming Damage by 10% and increasing the damage to enemies by 20% per level.

Fleet: When shields are depleted, Maya gains 10% Movement Speed per level.

Inertia: After killing an enemy, Maya regenerates her shield by 0.8% per second, and increases Reload Speed by 10% per level for a short time.

Converge: Maya can now pull nearby enemies towards the original Phaselock target.

Quicken: Each level increases the Cooldown Rate for Phaselock by 6%

Sub-Sequence: If an enemy dies during Phaselock, the skill grants a 20% chance per level for Phaselock to seek and affect other targets.

Thoughtlock: The skill causes enemies to fight among themselves; increases Phaselock duration by 3s, and lower cooldown by 4s.

Harmony skill tree:

Maya Skill Tree Harmony

Mind’s Eye: Increases Critical Hit Damage by 5% and Melee Damage by 6% with each level.

Sweet Release: Whenever Maya kills an enemy in Phaselock, she will get a health orb to heal her or her friends. It heals up to 15% of health if the health is very low.

Restoration: Shooting your friends will restore their health by 6% of the total damage of the attack and increase Maya’s max health by 3% per level.

Wreck: When an enemy is in Phaselock, Maya gets a 10% Fire Rate and 6% Damage with guns.

Elated: When Maya has an enemy in Phaselock, she and her friends recover health by 1% each level.

Recompense: When an enemy damages Maya’s health, this skill grants a 10% chance to return that damage to the attacker.

Res: The skill can help Maya instantly revive a friend in Fight For Your Life by using Phaselock on him/her.

Sustenance: Each level restores health by 0.4%.

Life Tap: Whenever Maya kills an enemy, she gets 1.2% Life Steal each level for a short time.

Scorn: The skill grants Maya an orb that she can throw by pressing the melee button, which will keep damaging the nearby enemies.

Cataclysm skill tree :

Maya Skill Tree Cataclysm

Flicker: Each level grants a flat 6% chance for Elemental Damage.

Foresight: Increases Magzine size by 4% and Reload Speed by 6% per level for all weapons.

Immolate: In Fight For Your Life, all shots get an additional 10% Fire Damage with each level.

Helios: Whenever Maya Phaselock, this skill will cause an explosion and damage to nearby enemies.

Chain Reaction: Each level gives bullets an 8% chance to bounce and hit other enemies in Phaselock.

Backdraft: Maya will create a fiery explosion whenever her shield is depleted, and she will gain additional Fire Damage with melee attacks.

Cloud Kill: Whenever Maya shoots an enemy, it creates an Acid Cloud, damaging nearby enemies.

Reaper: Each level increases Gun Damage by 8% to enemies with over 50% health

Blight Phoenix: When Maya kills an enemy, it will deal Fire and Corrosive Damage to enemies for a short time.

Ruin: With this skill, Phaselock slags, corrodes, and electrocutes all the nearby enemies.

Maya the siren leveling build Borderlands 2

Credit to Jiffynano

Maya the Siren makes up for one of the best starting classes to choose in Borderland 2. However, a few flaws come with her, mainly her durability and the issue that she can’t last long.

Two builds can easily fix that. The first one is to invest your points into the Harmony Tree, which will make her more durable. Then the second way is to spend points on Cataclysm Tree, which will grant her additional damage and elemental advantages to make up for being less durable.

We recommend going down the Cataclysm path, as it makes Maya much better in Solo, and you will majorly be playing solo during the start. Along with that build, try and get elemental weapons, especially SMGs, that make Maya almost untouchable in Borderlands 2

Here is how you should spend your points for Maya till level 30 to get the best out of her.

Level 0: Start leveling up

Level 0 – 5: Unlock Phaselock

Level 5 – 10: Invest 5 points into Foresight

Level 10 – 15: invest 5 points into Immolate

Level 15 – 16: Invest 1 point in Cloud Kill

Level 16 – 20: Invest 4 points into Flicker

Level 20 – 25: Invest 5 points into Reaper

Level 25 – 30: Invest 5 points into Sweet Release

By the end, you should have this Maya build:

Maya Borderlands 2

Best Mid Game builds for Maya the Siren in Borderlands 2

Once you pass through the first and beginning phase of Borderlands 2, you will need stronger and better builds for Maya the Siren. Here are two of the best level 50 builds.

Maya – The Support Siren Build

Credit to TheGaryTh

As the name suggests, this siren build turns Maya into a great support character. The build combines skills and abilities that will help Maya use her Phaselock ability and Converge skill to pull enemies in a tight spot. This allows you and your team to kill hordes of enemies simultaneously.

The build is amazing for co-op games and helps your team overall to win many games. But when it comes to the single-player game, Maya will lack in many departments with the build.

The main skills you should keep with this build at all costs are mostly from Motion and Harmony Tree, especially Converge, which makes or breaks the build.

Maya - The Support Siren Build

Maya – The Black Widow Build

This build is the opposite of the earlier one and mostly focuses on dealing damage instead of being a supporting character. The build aims to deal a maximum of 180 damage with mixing skills and items such as the Bee Sheild and Sandhawk.

Being the opposite of a support build, it‘s great for playing solo, increasing the damage, and focusing on elemental abilities. Unlike the earlier build, this one lacks support and can be a bit disadvantageous for players in co-op games.

The build is based on the damage and elemental skills, meaning that some of the most important skills are from Harmony and Cataclysm Tree. There isn’t any particular skill that makes or breaks the build, but rather all skills complement each other.

Maya - The Black Widow Build

Best Level 72 OP8 Maya Builds in BL2

After getting through level 72, you will get into OP 8 and will need some great builds for Maya the Siren in Borderlands 2. We have gathered two of the best ones below.

Maya – The Beast Build

The Beast build comprises many skills and specially chosen weapons to give enemies hell. In short, the build is made for slag or SMGs; as mentioned, Maya is a beast with those. All the abilities are placed in a way that would greatly benefit that cause.

The build is great for both solo and coop. It provides overall balance for players to not only deal damage but also be able to last long. The build mostly revolves around getting as much damage as possible. So that you won’t need much healing in a solo game, but it would help the team in the coop.

There are certain skills that players can mix and match, especially adding the Cloud Kill. The original build does not have Cloud Kill, but we highly recommend it because that build is old, and in the later patcher, Cloud Kill and other skills got great boosts.

Maya - The Beast Build

Best gear for the Beast build

Weapon 1: Bitch

Weapon 2: Sandhawk

Weapon 3: Norfleet

Weapon 4: Pimpernel

Grenade: Magic Missile / Quasar

Shield: Bee / Antagonist

Relic: Heart of the Ancients

MOD: Legendary Cat

Siren Borderlands 2 build

Maya – The Nurse Build

The Nurse build is one of the best support Maya builds. As the name suggests, the build is about nursing and helping your teammates. It will grant Maya durability that will help her survive almost always and give her abilities to support the team by helping them attack and heal.

This is a support build; it’s best in coop games and useless in solo. That said, in the coop, only a few builds are as good as this one since it helps Maya and the team in many ways.

The main skills for this build are from all three skill trees, but the ones that make or break it are from the Harmony Tree. Along with the Harmony tree, the items used in the build are just as important, and you should try to get them if you don’t have them.

Maya - The Nurse Build

Best gear for the Nurse build

Weapon 1: Slow Hand

Weapon 2: Trick Shot Maggie

Weapon 3: Creamer

Weapon 4: Any other you like

Grenade: Quasar / Slag Singularity / Magic Missile

Shield: Any that reduces your health value

Relic: Stockpile Relic

MOD: Legendary Nurse

Best Builds for Maya Level 80 OP10

You’ve made it, you are now level 80! Now it is time to have the best OP10 level 80 build for Maya in Borderlands 2:

Maya – In Your FACE! Build

The In Your FACE Build is great for close range, quick combat. Maya is mostly used as a supporting character, but this one turns her into a killing machine. It uses her special skills and abilities to lock enemies in place and then deal increasing damage when firing at them.

The build is heavily optimized for solo play; once you use it, you should see how big of a difference it makes. The build somewhat suffers in the coop, but if your team has a supporting character, then it shouldn’t. In short, the build will deal massive damage in solo and coop.

There are many skills used in the build, but all of those are placed to support certain important skills. The important skill for the build is Sub-Sequence and Thoughtlock. Both help Maya get up close and deal massive damage in quick successions.

One should mix and match different weapons and items with this build and use what best suits their playstyle.

Maya - In Your FACE! Build

Best gear for the In Your FACE! Build

Weapon 1: Bitch

Weapon 2: Sandhawk

Weapon 3: Bad Touch

Weapon 4: Good Touch

Grenade: Stormfront

Shield: Blockade

Relic: Bone of the Ancients

MOD: Legendary Cat

Maya – Thoughtlock Helios Spam Build

The Thoughtlock Helios Spam, as the name suggests, is built so that it will spam the Helios Skill. In other words, the build picks and optimizes all the skills and uses them to make Maya’s legendary skill way more powerful with less cooldown.

Since it’s all about Maya’s special skills, you will be safe playing solo and coop. The build will deal crazy amounts of damage with the usage of Ruin and Helios with way less cooldown for Phaselock, making you almost invincible in the game.

Although the build consists of many different skills, its purpose is to activate Helios and Ruin as much as possible. This is done by utilizing all the skills because the build also gives you great control over other abilities, like Wreck, Reaper, and Elected. Another important addition to the build is the mod class, Legendary Binder.

Maya - Thoughtlock Helios Spam Build

Best gear for the Pistol build

Weapon 1: Boss Bekah

Weapon 2: Practicable Butcher

Weapon 3: Bitch

Weapon 4: Big Badaboom

Grenade: Quasar

Shield: Blockade

Relic: Bone of the Ancients

MOD: Legendary Binder

Maya the Siren best builds level 80