Best Borderlands 2 Legendary Weapons

The legendary weapons of Borderlands 2 stand above the rest of the weapons that lack thrill. Such weapons have amazing effects and capabilities that set them apart. These include rocket launchers, rifles, pistols, grenades, etc. that have the power to deal with massive destruction.

Now, a lot of players are trying to obtain the latest top-tier weapons and gears of Borderlands 2. So, let’s round up the top 10 legendary weapons of Borderlands 2.

Let see what they look like, where to get them and why they are considered as the best weapons in borderlands 2.


The Badaboom is a legendary weapon to obtain as it can fire 6 rockets at a time for just one point of ammo. Hence, the potential damage caused becomes 6 times.

It is very efficient in causing high amounts of damage to targets and in spreading huge splash damage to groups of small targets. It is manufactured by bandits and could be difficult to obtain since it drops in the Eridium Blight region from the imposing King Mong.

Badaboom best legendary weapon in borderlands 2 bl2



This weapon delivers 100% accuracy every time besides firing 10 shots in 2 rows of 5. You will never miss a shot in close and mid-range combats with Toothpick. You can make it even more legendary by equipping the Mouthwash, which is included in the Writhing Deep set. Keep farming Sandworms until a Toothpick is dropped to collect it.

Toothpick weapon legendary in borderlands 2



This is the perfect shotgun to have during serious combats. The Overcompensator can cause massive amounts of damage when used in close range. Besides, the Overcompensator can also talk, which prevents the game from getting too dull. You’ll receive the Overcompensator as a reward for completing the Chief Executive Overlord mission in your latest DLC.

Overcompensator borderlands 2 legendaries best weapon


Hot Mama

The Hot Mama is a combination of a bolt action rifle and a sniper rifle. This is one of the new effervescent weapons and is manufactured by Jakobs. It can fire with perfect accuracy when zoomed in.

Also, it has an elemental capacitor, increased reload speed, magazine size, and can handle lots of damage. A plus point is that this rifle can also talk, which will entertain you throughout your path. You need to beat Lt. Hoffman in the Mt. Scarab Research Center to collect it. It is ideal for playing as the Gaige along with several Anarchy stacks.

Hot Mama legendary weapon playborderlands



The Slagga is truly a legendary weapon of the game. It is a slag weapon like the name suggests and can apply an elemental slag effect on its targets. This is a submachine gun and can be collected at a drop from the Tector & Jimbo Hodunk at The Dust or the Sorcerer’s Daughter at the Lair of Infinite Agony.

It can fire 3 projectiles at the same time. This, in turn, increases the efficiency of hitting your enemy. After you have slagged your targets, you can use another weapon to destroy your enemies. But, weaker enemies can be killed with just the slag without the need to use another weapon.

Slagga playborderlands weapon



The Volcano is a weapon obtained from the Warrior boss at the Vault of the Warrior or a drop by the Handsome Sorcerer at the Dragon Keep. This Maliwan weapon could also be obtained from any other random loot source. This is a sniper rifle that can cause higher splash damage to its targets than other Maliwan weapons.

It has another special ability that causes the fire to spread from one enemy to another. If you fire it at a crowded group of enemies, then all of them are likely to be affected.

Volcano weapon borderlands



The Gub can be obtained after defeating the Laney White in the Fridge area, or you could try looking for it in any random loot source. It is a legendary weapon manufactured by the bandits. This is a solid gun that can cause massive damage and is always corrosive with reduced bullet speed. It is very effective when used at close-to-mid range. It has an extremely large magazine and is quite corrosive. This weapon is not that impressive visually, but its abilities make it exceptionally dangerous.

Gub legendary weapon playborderlands



The Deliverance is a shotgun and a Tediore weapon, i.e., if you throw it away while it’s reloaded, it will explode. However, this weapon does not travel in a straight line when you throw it away. Rather, it surrounds your enemies, and this means that having a perfect aim is not necessary. Also, it fires off while traveling. This indicates that it can cause even more destruction besides the explosion. 



World Burn

This is an upgraded version of the very powerful Nukem. The World Burn is one of the most powerful rocket launchers in Borderland 2. It can fire rockets in a heavy arc and deals with a lot of damage upon landing.

Your enemy is not much likely to survive a direct hit from the World Burn. Keep in mind that this weapon is extremely powerful, and you might want to keep your distance while firing. Else, you will end up having to endure a lot of damage yourself.

World Burn playborderlands

Final words      

It goes without saying that weapons form the most exciting part of gaming, and Borderlands 2 is packed with some legendary weapons. With the new Commander Lilith & the Fight for Sanctuary DLC translates to some awesome new weapons. This includes the new “rainbow” or “Effervescent” weapons.

Now, these weapons massively exceed the capabilities of the previous weapons. So, hop into the game right now and embark on a new loot to start collecting these legendary weapons.