Best Gaige Builds level 1 to 80 OP10 UPDATED – Borderlands 2

Gaige the Mechromancer

Gaige the Mechromancer is one of the unique characters in Borderlands 2. Being a genius, she uses her brain to create a mecha robot who fight for her. This makes her one hell of a character to use in the battles. That said, there are very limited builds for Gaige, and looking for them can be a lot of work.

This guide has gathered some of the best Gaige the Mechromancer Builds in Borderlands 2 from the start to level 80 OP10. Before that, let’s get to know Gaige as a character and her skills.

Gaige Portait

A brief presentation of Gaige

Gaige used to be a high schooler at her home planet, Eden-5. She is beloved by her parents, and she even streams what she does to keep her subscribers updated. However, in due time, she starts to lose her subscribers, and her curiosity leads her to Vaults, Eridium, and Pandora. After knowing about them, Gaige believes her era to be “the most awesomely awesome time period in history.”

Being a high schooler, Gaige does not look like one, at least not how we imagine it on earth. She is heavily invested in mecha robots, and that is where she gets her nickname of Mechromancer. Gaige has her signature ponytails and the robot with her in the original appearance. Those two features are how many players recognize Gaige.

“It”s robot fighting time”

Gaige is very similar to Axton the Commando in many regards, especially when it comes to having the ability to summon a robot, known as Deathtrap, on the battlefield. She is extremely good when handling guns and dealing massive shock damage to the enemies’ shields.

The ability that puts Gaige above some of the best classes in Borderlands 2 is her ability of Anarchy. This allows her to stack up damage at the cost of accuracy per kill and magazine; the stack can get up to 400, which is just an insane amount of damage for the mobs and boss-level enemies.

Gaige skill trees explained

Gaige has three skill trees like any other class in Borderlands 2. here is a quick summary of all the skill trees.

Best Friends Forever Skill Tree: This skill tree focuses on Deathtrap and its related abilities.

Little Big Trouble Skill Tree: The tree is all about damage and elemental effects, especially electrocute

Ordered Chaos Skill Tree: This tree only focuses on the Anarchy stack.

Best Friends Forever Skill Tree:

Best Friends Forever Skill Tree

Close Enough: Each level gives your bullets a 10% chance to bounce back and hit enemies with 50% damage.

Cooking Up Trouble: Whenever your magazine is full, you will get 0.4% of your health each second per level.

Fancy Mathematics: Increases shield recharge rate up to 12% and delay by 14% per level, depending on your health.

Buck Up: When you use Deathtrap, it will restore 30% of one of your ally’s shields.

The Better Half: Each level gives you a 12% fire rate when your magazine is half empty.

Potent as a Pony: Increases your and Deathtraps’s health by 4% and 2% with each level.

Upshot Robot: Whenever you or Deathtrap kills an enemy, you will build a 4% melee damage stack and increase Deathtrap’s duration by 5s.

Unstoppable Force: Whenever you kill an enemy, you gain 7% movement speed, and your shield regenerates 0.8% per second for a short time.

Explosive Clap: Deathtrap gains the ability to cause an explosion in front of him.

Made of Sterner Stuff: Decreases the damage you and Deathtrap take by 1% and gives Deathtrap melee damage by 4% for each level.

20% Cooler: Each level increases the cooldown rate for action skills by 6%.

Sharing is Caring: Give your Deathtrap a copy of your shield.

Little Big Trouble Skill Tree:

Little Big Trouble Skill Tree

More Pep: Each level increases your Status Effect by 2% and 4% for Electrocute.

Myelin: Each level increases your shock resistance by 6% and shield capacity by 3%.

Shock Storm: Whenever you kill an enemy with critical damage, it creates a shock storm.

The Stare: Give Deathtrap the ability to fire a laser of fire and sweep it.

Strength of Five Gorillas: Each level gives you and Deathtrap melee damage by 3%.

Electrical Burn: Whenever you deal Electrocute damage, you gain a 4% chance of burning your enemies.

Shock and “AAAGGGGHHH!”: Whenever you reload your gun, it will cause an electrical explosion.

Evil Enchantress: Whenever you kill an enemy, it increases electrocute, burn, and corrode damage by 6% each level.

One Two Boom:  Deathtrap gains the ability to shoot an explosive orb of shock damage.

Wires Don’t Talk: Each level increases your electrocute and shock damage by 3%.

Interspersed Outburst: Not shooting an enemy builds interspersed outbursts for when you shoot them.

Make it Sparkle: Whenever you hit Deathtrap with an elemental attack, he will deal that damage to enemies.

Ordered Chaos Skill Tree:

Ordered Chaos Skill Tree

Smaller, Lighter, Faster: Each level decreases your magazine size by 1% and increases reload speed by 6%

Anarchy: A stack skill that builds when your magazine is empty, or you kill an enemy.

Preshrunk Cyberpunk:  Each level increases your max Anarchy stack by 50.

Robot Rampage: Deathtrap gains the ability to unleash furry of attacks.

Blood Soaked Shields: Whenever you kill an enemy, you gain 20% of your shield but lose 1% health.

Annoyed Android: With each level, Deathtrap gains movement speed by 7%

Discord: Reloading midway activates this ability, granting you 65% accuracy, 25% fire rate, and 3% health each second, but your Anarchy stack decays. To deactivate, just reload again.

Typecast Iconoclast: Each level gives you a 6% chance to get an additional Anarchy stack.

Rational Anarchist: Whenever you don’t have an Anarchy stack, this ability will help you get 25 of them when you kill or empty your magazine.

Death From Above: When you shoot an enemy in mid-air, it will cause an explosion at the cost of Anarchy stacks

The Nth Degree: When you fire the Nth bullet, it will bounce and hit other nearby enemies.

With Claws:  A melee override skill that deals huge melee damage and restores health while consuming Anarchy stacks.

Gaige the Mecromancer leveling build Borderlands 2 

Gaige is a powerful character, who was introduced through a DLC in Borderlands 2. Immediately after the release, more and more players started playing her, and they absolutely loved it. For those reasons, she is one of the most fan-favorite characters in Borderlands 2.

Another reason Gaige is an awesome character is that she is very easy to play. That’s not only applicable to Borderlands 2 players but also to players in general. The developers even said that she is designed so that even people who don’t play video games can easily play her.

That said, it’s still important to have a proper build to start strong in Borderlands 2. There are a few builds that you can do for your early game, but we will stick to the easy one and seemingly the best way to use Gaige, the Mechromancer.

Level 0: Start leveling up.

Level 0 – 5: Unlock Gaige’s action skill, Deathtrap.

Level 5 – 6: invest 1 point in Anarchy.

Level 6 – 10: invest 4 points in Smaller, Lighter, Faster.

Level 10 – 15: invest 5 points in Preshrunk Cyberpunk

Level 15 – 16: invest 1 point in Discord.

Level 16 – 21: invest 5 points in Close Enough.

Level 21 – 26: invest 5 points in Fancy Mathematician.

Level 26 – 30: invest 4 points in Unstoppable Force.

That is how you should invest your points till level 30, and you will have this build:

Mechromancer Borderlands 2

Best Mid Game builds for Gaige the Mechromancer borderlands 2

Below are two extremely good builds for Gaige the Mechromancer for the mid-game in Borderlands 2.

Gaige – the Anarchy Addict Build

Credit to Sickologiste

The build is heavily focused on dealing damage to the enemies. The creator of the build was inspired by the lack of damage and the need to be accurate in most other builds, and he decided to create his build to fix that. The build is made of skills that create stacking effects to increase damage without relying solely on accuracy.

The build would work the same in coop and solo. Meaning it’s great for any sort of match, and you will have advantages over enemies. That said, with other players in the game, it will reduce the damage you deal, so that might create some issues, but nothing big. 

Gaige - the Anarchy Addict Build

Gaige – a Leveling Build

Credit to  Albinosaurus

The leveling build is solely focused on leveling Gaige as an all-rounder character. This also means you will not need any overpowered weapons or items for this build to work. It comprises many different skills and relies on Anarchy stack to give the build that boosts to work in all different scenarios.

Since the build is made to be an all-rounder, it will work great for both solo and coop. In solo, you can easily go for mobbing and farming for all sorts of different weapons. In coop, you can be with your team and help them in different areas where you play well. In a nutshell, this is a great build, especially for beginners.

Gaige - Leveling Build

Best Level 72 OP8 Gaige Builds in BL2

Here are two of the best level 72 OP 8 builds for Gaige, the mechromancer in Borderlands 2.

Gaige – the Anarchy Addict OP8 Level 72 Build

Credit to Kologist

It’s the upgraded version of the build we previously talked about. It’s solely about dealing damage to the enemies. It uses specific weapons and skill that increases your stack effects to increase damage. Not only damage, but this build also creates great survivability for Gaige, making this build a great all-rounder for all different situations.

As mentioned before, the build is great for both solo and coop. Furthermore, with the newly added skills making this build into OP8 and Level 72, you get even better damage and survivability.  Overall it is a great build for all types of games and matches.

The creator of the build carefully chooses all the skills for the build, and they are all important. However, a few are more important than the others: Robot Rampage, Close Enough, and Nth Degree are among the most important.

Gaige - the Anarchy Addict OP8 Level 72 Build

Best gears for Gaige – the Anarchy Addict OP8 Level 72 Build

Weapon 1: Fibber

Weapon 2: Grog Nozzle

Weapon 3: The Pimpernel

Weapon 4: Norfleet

Grenade: Any of your choice

Shield: Antagonist

Relic: Blood of the Ancients

MOD: Slayer of Terramorphous

Gaige the Mecromancer

Gaige – the Freedom Build

Credit to I Dropped My Phone Again

The Freedom build is designed keeping most players in mind, and the creator did a great job making it into a balanced build. The build fixes a great problem with Gaige: too much reliance on the stack. It uses guns and items to make Gaige powerful without needing stack build-up. But that does not mean that this build completely leaves stack out of the picture; the creator wants you to use stack and tells you the many great advantages.

The build works for both solo and coop. It’s great for all sorts of different gameplay, mobbing, bossing, or raiding. You can greatly benefit from the build in many different situations with proper utilization.

We call this build freedom build for a good reason; it will allow you to mix and match many different skills. Due to that, it’s hard to pick any main skills from the build since all of them make this build, and moving a few skills is fine, as long as you don’t touch Cooking Up Trouble and Discord.

Gaige - the Freedom Build

Best gears for Gaige – the Freedom Build

Weapon 1: Conference Call

Weapon 2: Heartbreaker

Weapon 3: Norfleet

Weapon 4: Binary Grog Nozzle

Grenade: Chain Lightning

Shield: Antagonist

Relic: Bone of the Ancients

MOD: Legendary Anarchist Mod

Best builds for Gaige Level 80 OP10

Finally, we have two of the best OP10 Level 80 builds for Gaige the Mechromancer in Borderlands 2.

Gaige – Speedy Anarchist

Credit to PatDart

This is hands down one of the best builds for Gaige in Borderlands 2. The build works great for all sorts of players, and it’s put together with great effort. It’s an Anarchy skill-based build that will do huge amounts of damage once you start stacking the skill. As we know, Anarchy is mostly a kill-based skill, so you will need to kill hordes of enemies and keep stacking your ability to get the best out of this build.

Being an Anarchy build, this build works great for you in all different scenarios. This means that it will work great both solo and coop. However, keep in mind that Anarchy decreases your accuracy, and at a higher level, especially after 250, it is difficult to control this build. With practice comes perfection, so practice and improve your gameplay with the build.

All of the skills in the build are important, and we do not recommend you mix and match most of them. But if you know the ins and outs of the character, you can try out a few other skills by swapping a few and see if that works better for you.

Gaige - Speedy Anarchist

Best gears for Gaige – Speedy Anarchist

Weapon 1: Unkempt Harold

Weapon 2: Slagga / Magic Missile

Weapon 3: Any of your choice

Weapon 4: Any of your choice

Grenade: Fast Ball

Shield: Purple Turtle Shield

Relic: Skin of the Ancients

MOD: Legendary Anarchist Class Mod

Gaige – Roboteer

Credit to PatDart

As the name suggests, this build is based on the robot summoning skill Gaige has. In this build, the creator improves Gaige’s Deathtrap ability and makes the summoned robot do most of the work for you. It also keeps in mind the cooldown rate for the ability and adds many skills to improve that. Furthermore, a few skills are about Anarchy, so you can take on the fight if push comes to shove.

It is a great overall build that is, above all, fun to use. But there are a few downsides to the build, such as Deathtrap being weak against flying opponents, and survivability with this build is difficult. In coop, other players can compensate for your weaknesses, but in solo, you might face difficulties with this build.

As discussed earlier, the build is based on Deathtrap ability, so the skills in the Best Friends Forever tree are the most important. You can mix and match a few to see what works best for your game.

Gaige - Roboteer

Best gears for Gaige – Roboteer

Weapon 1: Unkempt Harold

Weapon 2: Slagga / Magic Missile

Weapon 3: Any of your choice

Weapon 4: Any of your choice

Grenade: Any of your choice

Shield: The Hide of Terramorphous

Relic: Proficiency Relic

MOD: Legendary Roboteer Class Mod

Gaige Builds Picture