Beast MOD Guide – Borderlands 2

The Beast

Class MODS are a special item that can only be equipped for a specific character, in this case the Beast MOD is only for Salvador the Gunzerker.

Beast - Borderlands 2

What Is The Beast?

If you are in the mood to customize your Borderlands 2 Gunzerker, consider adding the Beast mod. It will increase your character’s stats for improved survivability. 

The Beast is a MOD which can be found as Common or Epic rarity. It is manufactured by Torgue. It’s possible to loot this MOD’s variants: Savage, Altered or Vengeful. 

Here are some skill bonuses you can enjoy with Beast mod.

  • Increases Max Health
  • Increases Reload Speed
  • +6 Just Got Real
  • +6 Incite
  • +6 Sexual Tyrannosaurus

How to Get the Beast Mod?

The Beast MOD can be dropped from any random loot, chests, ennemies, bosses, etc.

What Is the Beast’s Gibbed Code?

You can use the Gibbed Code in Borderlands 2 to add an item to your inventory. Here is the Beast gibbed code: BL2(BwAAAABPCgATDYihgxBarQjBAUEAwf///////////38DgSUBAME=)

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