Badaboom Rocket Launcher Guide – Borderlands 2

The Badaboom Rocket Launcher

The cool name indicates that Badaboom Rocket Launcher is one of the most special weapons in Borderlands 2. So let’s talk about everything you need to know about it.

Badaboom Borderlands 2

What is the Badaboom Legendary Rocket Launcher?

Manufactured by Scavs/Bantis, It is a legendary rocket launcher in Borderlands 2. What sets it apart from other rocket launchers is its multi-kill abilities because it can fire up to 6 rockets per shot. But this comes at the cost of reduced accuracy and rocket damage.

However, Badaboom is still one of the best damage if you want to kill multiple opponents at once. The rockets are fired similarly to shotguns and they can inflict a good amount of damage, demolishing opponents in a zone. Moreover, having heavy splash damage to large groups of enemies can become quite handy espiacially when you are in “Fight for your life”.

The Different Available Elements for Badaboom

Surprisingly, there are a lot of elements available for Badaboom. They are as follows:

  • Incendiary
  • Shock
  • Corrosive
  • Slag
  • Explosive

How To Get Badaboom?

In Borderlands 2, Badaboom can be found in many loot sources randomly. However, if you want to have a good chance of getting the weapon, you need to get it from King Mong who is located in the Eridium Blight. Along with Badaboom, there are also chances of getting rare skins for all the classes.

  • The Badaboom has a 5% chance drop rate on King Mong.

What is Badaboom’s Gibbed Code?

You can use Gibbed Code in Borderlands 2 to add an item to your inventory. When we talk about Badaboom’s Gibbed Code, it is as follows:


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