Bad Touch Submachine Gun Guide – Borderlands 2

Bad Touch Submachine Gun

Bad Touch is one of the best submachine guns thanks to its great damage and elemental effect. If you want to know more about this unique weapon, follow our guide.

Bad Touch Borderlands 2

What is the Bad Touch Unique Submachine Gun?

This unique submachine gun is made by Maliwan and in borderlands 2, it is quite literally one of the best submachines because of the +70% critical hit damage. When you use this gun, you also get to heal characters with 2% of the damage you deal.

Bad Touch is often considered as a badass version of Venom submachine since the base damage along with elemental effect is quite high. It is also best for combat and can give your enemies a run for their money. Even though the corrosive element can only be used with enemies that are armored, it is quite effective and literally the best gun you can use in the specific scenario.

The Different Available Elements for Bad Touch

The only element available for bad touch is Corrosive.

How To Get Bad Touch?

In order to get Bad Touch in Borderlands 2, you must tip 10 000$ to Moxxi in her bar in Sanctuary.

What is Bad Touch’s Gibbed Code?

You can use Gibbed Code in Borderlands 2 to add an item to your inventory. When we talk about Bad Touch’s Gibbed Code, it is as follows:

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